Seller Testimonials


Our service was conducted with the utmost precision and professionalism. I can almost guarantee that had we chosen another Agent the transaction would not have gone smoothly as this one did. Corina has been with us through many buy and sell transactions. We will continue to use Corina for any other transactions we may have. We will also recommend her highly to any friend or family shopping for a home. She is a definite asset to Windermere.

Darryl & Lora


Dear Corina,

We wish to thank you for your recent efforts on our behalf. You demonstrated a high level of professionalism, dedication to the task at hand, and willingness to pursue whatever the need was to assure that our home was sold at the then current highest market value and in an appropriate period of time. We have dealt with a number of Real Estate Agents over the years in many different regions of the Country with mixed results. We were quite impressed with your enthusiasm, honesty, integrity, and willingness to accept the marketing, selling, signing, inspecting, and closing responsibilities as yours… not the owners. These qualities will continue to serve you well in the future and we know that you will continue to develop a long list of very satisfied customers.

Robert & Elizabeth


Corina is marvelous! This was our first time selling a home and she was informative, patient, and thorough. When Corina said she would do something… she did it!  I cannot even begin to express how much we have appreciated the extra time and care she dedicated to us. I never imagined that on our first try we would have ended up with such a wonderful person! Corina is a star! Keep Corina happy! She is truly an asset to Windermere.

Kevin & Jennifer


Excellent service! Corina is detail oriented, on top of everything, & one step ahead of everyone. Corina is an Agent who gives 110% to customer service. I will recommend her to anyone who needs an Agent. Corina was perfect!



Excellent. Corina was professional, maintained good communication with us, matched to our needs, carefully reviewed documents, and even dug for receipts in my file cabinet at my request. And she was fun! We chose Corina to represent us in this transaction because she struck us as having integrity – something that’s (unfortunately) not a given in some businesses. We were not disappointed.

Pam & Terry


I was so thankful to have had Corina for my Agent. She was very professional & caring. My house was very hard for me to let go because I brought my daughter up there, my husband passed away there, and it had so many memories for me for almost thirty years. I always knew Corina was my Agent, but a very caring person to me when things pertaining to the sale of my home became so hard for me. Thank you Corina



Corina was always professional, courteous, & prompt! Give Corina a raise in pay!! Thanks again!

Glen & Julee


The recent sale of our home in Snohomish was probably more work than any of us could imagine. We felt discouraged many times, but Corina helped us hang in there until the job was done. I think it’s fair to say that every snag that could happen, did happen. The challenge of working with Cendant Relocation Company was more difficult than we ever thought it would be. We would like to praise Corina for her constant professionalism through it all. She insists on playing by the rules and completing each and every step by the book. She sorted through all the inconsistent information and direction that Cendant threw at her. After we received the offer that lead to the sale of our home, she kept in constant contact with us, especially having to do with her communication with Cendant. We can’t say enough for the extra effort that Corina put into the sale of our home. I’m sure it was at least ten times more time consuming than the traditional sale.


Joe & Pat


The service we received was excellent. Corina was there to help in every way she could. Our only regret was that the house didn’t sell sooner than it did. It is a beautiful home with views of the Cascades, but as the saying goes…location, location, location! Give Corina a pat on the back as she crossed all T’s and dotted all I’s in closing in on the sale. We were happy in the way she handled the closing.

Loren & Noel


Thanks so much for selling our Mom’s home. Your hard work, diligence, and constant communication was very much appreciated in this time that was sad for us.

Sincerely, Gerry & Donna


Excellent. Corina went out of her way to attend meetings about selling my mobile home. She always answered my worried phone calls. I think she did all that could be done. I’m so thankful she was there for me!



Corina’s service was courteous & professional from beginning to end. Corina was/is the best. We refer our friends to her whenever an Agent is needed. She is so professional and did a great job of helping us thru the entire transaction.

Dave & Susie


Corina’s service was very professional and she looked after our interests as Sellers. We have purchased 1 home via Corina and have now sold 3 with her. We find her to be very diligent and appreciate her analytical skills.

Richard & Connie


The service I received was exceptional. Corina is a very caring person. She was always ready to answer my questions. You are very lucky to have Corina on your staff. I picked Windermere because Corina worked there. She sold another house for me and helped me out when I bought a house from the owner. I told her when I was ready to sell again I would come to her & I did.



Outstanding! Corina is wonderful at helping through the process and continues to amaze me with her professional work! A joy to work with. Nice working with someone you can trust! You’ve got the best.

Gerry & Donna


Excellent – We used Corina to buy & sell and it wasn’t easy on either side but she did very well with difficult people.

Tom & Nancy


My wife & I could not of been treated any better by Denise & Corina. ++A Service. You have 2 very special people on your staff.

Much thanks,

Randy & Alice


Very professional but still friendly and helpful. Just because of the confusion of the 1st contract to the 2nd contract. I would have liked to have more time for moving out. Under the particular circumstances of the sale of this home I think everything went as well as could be expected. Corina had everything under control and handled it all quite well. I could not have asked to be represented any better.



Excellent. Corina was there every step of the transaction! She was always looking out for our best interest! It was a pleasure working & knowing Corina.

Emad & Nevin


Efficient, knowledgeable, capable and available to help on my schedule. Corina made the buying experience as stress free as it could have been.




Excellent!! I will refer anyone who has property to sell to Corina

Curtis & Vicky


Excellent, Corina never dropped the ball once through the many problems with this sale even though it was for a very small commission. Just terrific service and follow through.

Thanks so much Corina.

Tom/Charles Family Estate



We just want to thank you for all your extra effort in selling the house. We will definitely recommend you to all our friends and relatives.

Bob & Judy


Corina was excellent. Best Real Estate experience ever! Corina went way above the call. She was great! Thanks.

The Hall Estate


Our service was excellent. Corina always goes over and above with any transaction we have ever had her do. We would use no one else. She is great.

Darryl & Lora